Becoming pregnant is a process that goes far beyond the birds and the bees. It can involve charting, calculating, and swallowing a bunch of pills and concoctions that feel more like superstitious antidotes than real medicine. Conceiving a baby can sometimes feel like an impossible science for women who are having difficulty getting pregnant. Every woman is different, but there are some universal ways to improve the chances of having a baby.

Track Your Cycle

Don’t leave conception up to chance. Your ovulation cycle is the single most important factor when it comes to getting pregnant. Some women are able to conceive without paying any attention to when they ovulate. Most women are not that lucky. It is important to monitor when you ovulate every single month. This can be achieved by monitoring your basal body temperature for slight elevations, checking for cervical mucous, and charting your menstruation on the calendar. Clear mucous that appears like egg whites is a sign that your body is ovulating. This is the prime time to have sexual intercourse.

Don’t Let Caffeine Hinder Conception

Many women unknowingly sabotage their chances of conception by drinking too many caffeinated beverages. Taking in more than five cups of coffee per day (550 milligrams of caffeine) can have a negative impact on fertility. You don’t need to totally abandon your java fix. Experts say that cutting down to two cups per day might be all it takes to jump-start your pregnancy prospects.

Have Sex Every Other Day

Timing is everything when it comes to sex. Studies have shown that having sex every single day is the best way to get pregnant. This type of lovemaking schedule won’t work for most couples when realities like work and family obligations get in the way. Couples who are serious about trying to conceive should schedule sex for every other day. It is important for couples to begin having sex at least a week prior to a woman’s expected ovulation date. A couple should never avoid intercourse in order to store up a man’s sperm count because this strategy can actually make sperm ineffective.

Snag Some Supplements

There might be a lot of practical wisdom to be gained from old wives’ tales. Many modern women with dreams of conceiving are discovering that natural herbs and oils are effective in boosting fertility. Evening primrose oil is a popular supplement that supposedly helps improve the quality of cervical fluid. Healthy cervical fluid creates a more hospitable environment for sperm to survive in. Red raspberry leaf is another popular supplement that is said to increase the chances of conception. It is reported to lengthen the luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle and give the body more time for implantation to occur. Red raspberry leaf is also abundant in folic acid, copper, magnesium, and iron.

Reduce Stress

Stress seems to be a crucial factor in nearly every health problem human beings face today. The problem of infertility is no different. Fears about being unable to conceive can often lead to increased worry and stress in a woman’s life. This increase in worry and stress can prevent a woman’s body from properly releasing an egg. The vicious cycle of stress must be broken. It is important for women to find healthy ways to cope with stress when they are attempting to become pregnant. Healthy coping mechanisms like yoga, Pilates, walking, painting, and meditation can help balance your mind and fight off the effects of environmental stress.

Get Your Weight in Check

A healthy weight is critical to fertility health. Being under or over the ideal weight for your height can lead to issues with infertility. It is important not to do anything drastic in order to change your weight. Crash diets and starvation fads can hurt your chances of a healthy pregnancy in the long run. Be sure to fill your diet with foods like olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and things that contain monounsaturated fats. Dairy and red meat should be consumed moderately. It is recommended to avoid refined carbohydrates and processed sugars that are found in many cereals and baked goods. Women should focus on eating healthy meals and getting in one hour of light to moderate activity on a daily basis. You should visit a doctor if you are struggling to put on weight or lose weight. This could be a sign of a thyroid issue.

There is no magic wand to wave when it comes to improving chance of getting pregnant. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to naturally conceive a baby. A woman should never underestimate the power that proper diet, exercise, and supplements have in the fertility process.

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Next to getting married, the ultimate fulfillment of most women is to become a mother someday. In this regard, it is important for them to make sure that their bodies are healthy and fit for motherhood. Even before becoming pregnant, they can consider a number of health tips before getting pregnant so they can have a smooth pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

Some health tips to keep in mind before pregnancy:

To ensure good health before pregnancy, it is crucial to have regular medical checkups. Women should go through regular visits to the doctor and annual or semi-annual lab tests to make sure that body is healthy. When they get pregnant, they should have regular prenatal care.

To prevent any birth defects, mothers should make sure that they get all the required vaccinations. When mothers get Chickenpox or German measles during pregnancy, there is a strong possibility of birth defects so before they conceive; they have to make sure that they get complete vaccinations.

It is just as important to have teeth checked before pregnancy. Maintaining proper oral and dental health before pregnancy will prevent any teeth and gum problems that can later affect a mother and her baby.

Women should eat foods filled with nutrition. By eating healthy foods before getting pregnant, women can maintain their ideal weight. So, when they conceive, they will have a smooth and healthy pregnancy plus, they will not have a hard time in giving birth. They should, also, continue to eat healthy while pregnant since the baby inside them gets all the nutrition from their mother.

Obesity and under-nourishment can result to problems in a mother’s health and that of her baby. There are some foods that mothers should avoid so they will not have a hard time in giving birth.

They should avoid toxoplasmosis, which can cause birth defects in babies. To avoid toxoplasmosis, women should not eat food that is not cooked well. They should, also, regularly change their kitty litter. This is since uncooked meat and the poop of cat may have the parasite that may cause the infection, which is known as toxoplasmosis.

Getting regular exercise can let women have a less difficult time during pregnancy. By exercising regularly, women can prepare their bodies so they will be fit for pregnancy.

You should avoid all things that may negatively affect your health and that of your baby. As much as possible, women should stop smoking; drinking and taking street drugs or prescription drugs, especially if these are not prescribed by the doctor for any illness. All of these, including second hand smoke, can affect their health and that of their baby. They may be unfit for pregnancy. If ever they get pregnant, these may cause premature birth or the baby may become underweight. If ever any of these is a habit that is hard to quit, they can ask the help of a health care provider.

Take multivitamins daily to build a stronger resistance against diseases. Taking multivitamins will not only let you maintain good health. When it contains folic acid, it can allow pregnant women to prevent birth defects of the spine and brain.

It would be best to avoid harmful chemicals such as paint and thinner, among others. These chemicals can be absorbed by the body and when women inhale these when they are pregnant, these can possibly cause birth defects in their baby.

Stress, as always, has a negative effect so women should learn how to handle this at all costs. Pregnancy in itself can be stressful to conceiving mothers and this can cause problems during pregnancy. This can, also, affect the child they are carrying. So, even before they get pregnant, women should learn how to stay cool and take things in stride. They should reduce, if not avoid, stress in their life.

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Diet Help Before Getting Pregnant

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One of the best ways to conceive, as many women know, is to prepare your body by eating properly. In fact, diet help before getting pregnant is all important for new moms, states guidance from the organization National Healthy Mothers. The guidance points to ways to improve your overall diet, what foods to avoid, why vitamin and mineral supplements are a good idea and why all expecting mothers should get at least 400 micrograms of folic acid a day.

Diet help before getting pregnant vital, say doctors

Another aspect of trying to conceive is linked to what the National Healthy Mothers organization calls common sense advice from your doctor. The organization notes that most doctors will advise women who wish to conceive that a balanced diet is vital for boosting chances that they will both conceive and have a healthy and happy baby.

However, there are many women nationwide who do not have the means to afford fresh vegetables, fruits and non-processed protein foods to prepare their bodies for having a child.

Still, the view from doctors is to improve your diet if you want a healthy pregnancy. There are many doctors and pregnancy nutritionists who even go so far as saying the sooner you start eating properly, the better chances you will have at getting pregnant.

Eating a balanced diet to conceive

At a time when doctors and other health experts know more about what it takes to remain healthy and vital, there is an equally strong view that eating numerous servings of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and organic dairy products is the right diet for a couple that wants to conceive.

In addition, there is scientific evidence that fertility – for both women and men – is closely linked to what one consumes on a day to day basis. In other words if you eat a lot of junk food, and shun a balanced diet, your chances of getting pregnant are much lower.

Moreover, a woman who wishes to get pregnant must follow their doctor’s instructions when it comes to the right vitamins and other nutrients to take both before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after having the baby.

The top supplements that most expecting women take include:

– Folic acid
– Vitamins E, C and zinc
– Vitamin D and B12 if you are on a vegetarian diet

In general, what seems to be common sense – when it comes to preparing one’s body to conceive a healthy child – is not always the case with some women who are simply ignorant to the fact that all foods are not the same in terms of providing proper nutrients for conception and carrying a healthy baby to term.

In fact, some doctors advise any couple wanting to conceive to take a short-course on nutrition at their local community college or health department.

Finding the right foods for a healthy baby

The view is America and much of the world is suffering from an epidemic of obesity and diabetes due, in part, to the consumption of too much sugar, salt, fat and processed foods that contain such poisons as high fructose corn syrup. There is even a recent Department of Agriculture study that points to DNA health problems in people who eat lots of processed foods that are high in high fructose corn syrup and other harmful ingredients.

In addition, the view from doctors is do you want your child’s pre-natal nutrients to come from mostly processed foods that contain massive amounts of high fructose corn syrup, or do you want babies that have an even chance to be both healthy and disease free upon conception.

Taking control of your pregnancy with a proper diet

While the best advice from doctors is the sooner both men and women start eating properly to conceive a child, the sooner they will get pregnant with the assurance that they are doing everything possible to give their baby a good start in life.

Still, many people view all food as good. They think a fast food burger and fries is the same as eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Doctors and other health care professionals say these people need education when it comes to proper diet habits for new moms and dads. For example, the view from nutritionists is anyone hoping to conceive should consider a healthy diet plan, a loss of weight if obese and getting enough nutrients to help with healthy ovulation.

Overall, the best way and means for conceiving a healthy baby is to simply eat right and take care of your body. This advice applies to both women and men because it takes two healthy people to conceive a healthy and happy baby.

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